Leading a Future-ready School  (LEA101)
$45.00  $40.50
Leading a Future-ready School  (LEA101)
Transform your school with best leadership practises from experts in Finland and India. Rethinking education, redesigning the ways educational organizations work, and taking care of everyone’s wellbeing, is a challenge. This course combines the...
Finland's Secret to Success (TEA101)
$19.90  $17.91
Finland's Secret to Success (TEA101)
Finland’s education system has received its fair share of publicity around the world for being the ‘best’. In recent years, Finland has also made headlines for being the happiest country in the world. Many are left wondering, how is...
The Art of Hybrid Learning (TEA102)
$19.90  $17.91
The Art of Hybrid Learning (TEA102)
More than ever, learning takes place anytime and anywhere, in all kinds of environments. Schools are expected to successfully operate in hybrid arrangements and therefore, teachers need to understand and be able to implement the best pedagogical...
Positive Education and Wellbeing (TEA201)
$19.90  $17.91
Positive Education and Wellbeing (TEA201)
Positive education puts the focus on optimal student wellbeing and flourishing. It is important, as teachers, to support students in their holistic physical and mental wellbeing. Learn how to build mastery of resilience, positive emotions,...

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