Finland's Secret to Success (TEA101)

Finland’s education system has received its fair share of publicity around the world for being the ‘best’. In recent years, Finland has also made headlines for being the happiest country in the world. Many are left wondering, how is Finland’s education system so successful?

What you’ll learn:
✔ Understand the history, timeline, growth, and key success factors of Finland’s education system
✔ Identify the best pedagogical approaches and practices in Finland’s education system
✔ Identify how Finland ranks high in the happiness index every year, and how it relates to the education system
✔ Develop your teaching skills such as flexibility and critical thinking, needed for the future of education
✔ Implement the pedagogical approaches of Finland’s education system in your classroom
✔ Create an action plan for your own classroom, based on our ready-to-use materials

This course includes:
✅ 18 on-demand videos (Total watch time: 2 hours)
✅ 3 research papers
✅ 2 downloadable resources
✅ Assignments
✅ Reflective Learning Journal
✅ Discussion forum with other global learners
✅ Self-paced course progression, with 3 months of access time
✅ Certificate of completion from Finland

Learner testimonials:
"Finnish education places such importance on the student, from focusing on social-emotional learning, the importance of relevancy, and learning through play. Students aren't over-burdened with homework and preparing for standardized tests. Equal opportunities (equity) and personalized learning offered by the Finnish system, should be available to all students in all countries. The care and respect given to students, teachers, and parents in the Finnish system provide fertile ground for maximizing learning, teacher satisfaction, and parent involvement." Learner, United States

"I would want to take the knowledge gained from this course to plan my teacher orientation and equip my teachers to plan their curriculum with the core competencies of Finnish education. I will be planning for more play-based education definitely in the early years. Trust, flexibility, growth mindset, early intervention - these would be the basis of my school culture. Reading about Finnish education made me realize the importance of these aspects of education." Learner, India

"Gaining this knowledge has opened up my eyes as it is a totally different approach to teaching and I wished that this way of learning was introduced in my childhood as I feel I could have excelled in school days." Learner, India

  • Welcome!
  • 1. Introduction to Finland's Education System (2h)
  • Introduction to Section 1
  • Unit 1: The History of Finland's Education System
  • Unit 2, part 1: Early Childhood and Pre-Primary Education
  • Unit 2, part 2: Basic Education
  • Unit 2, part 3: Upper Secondary School and Vocational Education
  • Unit 2, part 4: Higher education
  • Unit 2 Exercise
  • Unit 3: Finnish Education in a Nutshell
  • Conclusion
  • 2. The Secret Sauce of Finland's education system: Pedagogical approaches (3H)
  • Introduction to Section 2
  • Unit 1, Part 1: Eight Secrets to Success
  • Unit 1, Part 2: Cornerstones of Finland's Education System
  • Unit 2, Part 1: Introduction to Finnish K-12 Curriculum
  • Unit 2, Part 2: Transversal Competencies and Student Support
  • Unit 2, Part 3: Student Empowerment, Assessment, and Counselling
  • Unit 2, Part 4: School Culture and Vocational Education
  • Unit 3: Educating Professional Teachers in Finland
  • What Makes a Future-Ready School? Join the Discussion!
  • 3. A Finland inspired ROAD-model to understand your classroom (9H)
  • Introduction to Section 3
  • Unit 1: ROAD to Understand Your Classroom
  • Checklist Before You Start Unit 2
  • Unit 2: Building an Action Plan
  • A Mindful Moment and Next Steps
  • Evaluation (0,5H)
  • Course Summary
  • Course Evaluation
  • Course Feedback
  • Thank You
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever