Positive Education and Wellbeing (TEA201)

Positive education puts the focus on optimal student wellbeing and flourishing. It is important, as teachers, to support students in their holistic physical and mental wellbeing. Learn how to build mastery of resilience, positive emotions, authenticity, hope, optimism, engagement, and relationships in your classroom and wider school community.

What you’ll learn:
✔️ Understand the definition and implementation of positive pedagogy
✔️ Discover your personal strengths and limitations, and learn how to implement the same with your students using our ready-to-use materials (e.g. Positive Education Toolkit)
✔️ Apply the PERMA framework in your classroom: positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment
✔️ Apply wellbeing practices in your classroom
✔️ Identify patterns of thinking and select activities and strategies to enhance wellbeing

This course includes:
✅ 41 on-demand video (Total watch time: 7 hours)
✅ 3 research papers
✅ 20 downloadable resources
✅ Assignments and tools to evaluate your strengths and progress
✅ Reflective Learning Journal
✅ Discussion forum with other global learners
✅ Self-paced course progression, with 3 months of access time
✅ Certificate of completion from Finland

Learner testimonial:

"For me, this course gave me further insights on the topic on Positive Education. It has broadened my view. Learning about PERMA especially has given me the chance to develop my skills better and be able to put the points into practice and learn from it. Being able to be positive, engage, maintain relations, have meaning and achieving is a task by itself but is achievable. Ofcourse I will have to remain on the path of positivity in teaching even though when situations arises. I believe its a learning process and I will do my best to apply what I have learnt into practise." Learner, India

  • Welcome!
  • Module 1, Unit 1 Positive Psychology and PERMA (2,5H)
  • Introduction to Module 1
  • Introduction to Unit 1: Positive Psychology and PERMA
  • Expert talk: Martin Seligman
  • PERMA: Positive Emotions
  • PERMA: Engagement
  • PERMA: Relationships
  • PERMA: Meaning
  • PERMA: Accomplishment
  • Summary Reflections
  • Research Paper: The Value of Positive Emotions
  • Module 1, Unit 2 Application of PERMA (5h)
  • Introduction to Unit 2: Application of PERMA
  • Positive Emotions Practice
  • Engagement Practice
  • Relationships Practice
  • Meaning Practice
  • Accomplishment Practice
  • Summary Reflections
  • Research Paper: Broad and Build Theory
  • module 1 Unit 3 positive education (2h)
  • Introduction to Unit 3: Positive Education
  • What is Positive Education?
  • The Focus of Positive Education
  • Outcomes of Positive Education
  • Positive Education in the Classroom
  • Key Message
  • Research Paper: Positive Education
  • module 1, unit 4 Resilience and Optimism (4H)
  • Introduction to Unit 4
  • Workbook for Resilience and Optimism
  • What is Resilience?
  • Variables of Resilience
  • Optimism
  • The 3Ps of Optimism
  • Benefits of Optimism
  • The Power of Pessimism
  • Concluding Exercise
  • module 2 Embracing Strengths (3H)
  • Module 2 Unit 1 Definition of Strengths
  • Module 2 Unit 2a Types of Strengths
  • Module 2 Unit 2b Types of Behaviors
  • Module 2 Unit 2c Strength-Based Programs
  • Module 2 Unit 3 How to Increase Our Strengths
  • Module 3 positive education toolkit (3,5h)
  • Module 3 Positive Education Toolkit
  • Module 4 Promoting learning through understanding behaviour (3,5H)
  • Module 4 Unit 1a Promoting Effective Learning
  • Module 4 Unit 1b Effective Classroom Management
  • Module 4 Unit 1c The Classroom
  • Module 4 Unit 2a Restorative Practice
  • Module 4 Unit 2b Core Elements of Restorative Approach
  • EVAluation (0,5H)
  • Course Summary
  • Course Evaluation
  • Course Feedback
  • Thank You
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever