Leading a Future-ready School  (LEA101)

Transform your school with best leadership practises from experts in Finland and India. Rethinking education, redesigning the ways educational organizations work, and taking care of everyone’s wellbeing, is a challenge. This course combines the knowledge of experienced experts from India and Finland on leading future-ready schools based on the opportunities and challenges presented in India's National Education Policy 2020. It also provides practical expertise with the leadership self-evaluation tool, case studies, and tips to enable leaders to take the next steps in their schools and help their teams flourish.

What you’ll learn:
✔️ Interpret and plan organizational culture change
✔️ Discuss the aspects of change in leading schools
✔️ Evaluate the kind of risks that need to be prioritized
✔️ Being able to make big decisions, manage self and relate to each other
✔️ Analyze the role of leadership across stages in hybrid settings
✔️ Self-evaluate as a leader and formulate next steps on the leadership journey

This course includes:
✅ 24 on-demand videos (Total watch time: 4 hours)
✅ 4 case studies
✅ 3 research papers
✅ 52-page downloadable workbook with resources
✅ Self-evaluation tool
✅ Assignments
✅ Reflective Learning Journal
✅ Discussion forum with other global learners
✅ Self-paced course progression, with 3 months of access time
✅ Leadership certificate of completion from Finland

“We created this leadership course in association with New Nordic Schools, that touches upon every aspect of leadership, from the point where a leader see education to the vision a leader should have. In the wake of #NEP2020, whatever may have been the vision is fine, but we are redesigning education in India for the next few decades, so how does a leader prepare oneself and their teams, how do you redesign the curriculum, and most importantly, how do you manage a cultural change?" - Revathi Srinivasan, Director of Singhania Group of Schools

  • Welcome!
  • Redefining Leadership
  • The Main Elements that Change with NEP
  • The Challenges and Opportunities with NEP
  • An Interdisciplinary and Extra-curricular Approach
  • SECTION 1: Building the Organizational Culture (5H)
  • Unit 1, part 1: Recognizing the Organizational Culture
  • Unit 1, part 2: The Development of Organizational Culture
  • Unit 2, part 1: Organizational Culture: Learning Community
  • Unit 2, part 2: Organizational Culture: Wellbeing and Interaction
  • Unit 2, part 3: Organizational Culture: Participation and Cultural Diversity
  • Unit 2, part 4: Organizational Culture: Equality and Environment
  • Unit 3, part 1: Fostering Pedagogically Innovative School Culture
  • Unit 3, part 2: Principals' Views on Distributed Leadership in Finnish Schools
  • Unit 4: Managing the Risks
  • Section 2: Future skills, modern curriculum and holistic assessment (2H)
  • Introduction to Section 2
  • Unit 1, part 1: Perspectives to Teaching Future Skills
  • Unit 1, part 2: Perspectives to Teaching Future Skills
  • Unit 1, part 3: Perspectives to Teaching Future Skills
  • Unit 2: The Modern Curriculum
  • Unit 3: Keys to Leading Successful and Holistic Assessment Methods
  • Concluding Discussion
  • SECTION 3: Leading Pedagogy, Collaboration and Hybrid Settings (5H)
  • Introduction: Towards the Culture of Collaboration and Shared Pedagogical Vision
  • Unit 1, part 1: Introduction to Pedagogical Leadership
  • Unit 1, part 2: Types of Pedagogical Leadership
  • Unit 2: Schools as Professional Learning Communities
  • Unit 3, part 1: Leadership Responsibilities and Keys to Strong Leadership
  • Unit 3, part 2: Reflection
  • Unit 4, part 1: Physical Learning Environments and Hybrid Learning
  • Unit 4, part 2: Online Learning Environments and Hybrid Learning
  • Concluding Discussion
  • Section 4: Next steps to becoming future ready (3H)
  • Unit 1: Self-evaluation
  • Unit 2: Three Case Studies
  • Unit 3: Building the Right Teams, Systems, and Structures
  • Conclusion
  • Evaluation (0.5H)
  • Course Summary
  • Workbook Submission
  • Course Evaluation
  • Course Feedback
  • Thank you
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever