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“After doing this course I honestly realized that every teacher is capable of planning the curriculum. In the coming year, I am going to completely involve the teachers in both the curriculum- and event planning of the school. It's also told me how student empowerment and school culture play a very important role in education, coming from a country that has a rich and diversified culture, I will make this a huge part of the curriculum in the coming years."
- Preschool Head, India
Course: Finland's Secret to Success (TEA101)

“The positivity that I create will pass down to my students in the form of resilience and help them become more flexible. In today's times, as it is children are dealing with a lot of depression, stress, and anxiety at a young age, this application of positive pedagogy will work to help them."
- Teacher, India
Course: Positive Education and Wellbeing (TEA201)

“Finnish education places such importance on the student, from focusing on social-emotional learning, the importance of relevancy, and learning through play. Students aren't over-burdened with homework and preparing for standardized tests. Equal opportunities (equity) and personalized learning offered by the Finnish system, should be available to all students in all countries."
- Learner, United States of America
Course: Finland's Secret to Success (TEA101)

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